2 Ways to Use Plumbing Guaranteed Smooth Running Water!

Ways to Use Plumbing – It is difficult to call a house without a modern water supply and comfortable to live in. Walking with a bucket to a well or column today is something of a fairy tale or an old grandmother’s story. Pipes in a private home should be needed.

And you can do it yourself by arranging the water supply from the same well. The situation is even simpler when it is possible to connect to the village’s centralized network. In this case, it is enough to install only the inside of the water supply system. Here’s Ways to Use Plumbing and its explanation by jyden1.

2 Ways to Use Plumbing

Types of pipes for water supply

To do the outside of your own water supply, it is usually taken from the pipe with thermal insulation with a cross-section of 32 mm. This pipe will be located on the ground, so special attention should be paid to its insulation. Pipes are installed in the house in seven steps:

  • The layout of the pipeline routing, as well as the place of installation of equipment and plumbing.
  • Make a hole in the wall to lay the pipe.
  • Pipe splicing using fittings or welding.
  • Closing valve connection.
  • Installation of water heaters (boilers) and pumps with their connection to the assembled water supply.
  • Pipe installation.
  • Water ignition and check for leaks.

It is recommended to leave about 15-20 mm of empty space between the wall and the pipe. This will simplify later, if necessary, improve the water supply. Also, on each branch from the riser to the plumbing, you need to install the closing valve yourself.

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So in an emergency, you do not need to turn off all the water in a private house, leaving the household completely without it for a few hours or even a few days.

Ways to Use Plumbing: Pump station connection

Pumps or pumping stations are installed in caissons above wells, basements, or attachments next to wells. This equipment needs special attention, so it should be stored in a heat-insulated place, or even better in a hot place.

It is also possible to install a submersible pump directly into the well. However, for pressure switches and other automation, you still need some sort of insulated space in the head of the borehole or room at home in order to work properly.

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Ways to Use Plumbing: Schematic diagram connecting pump stations


To ensure that the pressure in the home’s autonomous water supply system is always constant, hydraulic accumulators are installed with a pump. This not only allows you to control the pressure on the faucet but also reduces the wear and tear of the pump equipment.  The latter lights up less often. This only happens to fill the accumulator tank, and not every time the mixer valve in the kitchen is opened.

If you do not want to install a hydraulic accumulator, then you can survive with a conventional storage device of 0.5-1 cubic meters installed in the attic. Such a scheme makes it possible to carry out without complicated and expensive equipment. At the same time, the pressure in the faucet remains quite stable and constant.

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Ways to Use Plumbing: Accumulator connection diagram

water purification

If the water quality is still far from the desired, then the water supply system must be equipped with a water treatment system. At the very least, a rough filter is required. This will remove sand grains and other large suspended particles from the water flow.

Additional filters are installed after analyzing the water for the chemical composition of the impurities present in it. With a high content of iron or calcium, some cleaning devices will be needed, and with increased stiffness, others.

That’s a little explanation of Ways to Use Plumbing along with some explanations. Hopefully, this information can help those of you who want to create your own channel at home. By having your own waterways, some of your living needs are easier and not too wasted time.

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