6 Ways to Install Swimming Pool Pipes, It’s Really Easy!

Ways to Install Swimming Pool Pipes – If talking about a swimming pool, of course, there is an installation of pump and filter machines. Your swimming pool, will not mean and or will not function at all if there is no installation of a swimming pool machine in it.

This theme I raised with the intention that the owners of the pool know how to distill the pool properly and correctly. Here’s how to install a good and correct plumbing system By jyden1:

6 Ways to Install Swimming Pool Pipes

1. Ways to Install Swimming Pool Pipes: There is a maindrain channel

Every swimming pool must have a maindrain, both in overflow-type swimming pools and skimmers. In addition to the function of removing water when the water change will be made, maindrain also serves to smooth the circulation of swimming pool water.

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2. The inlet must match the size of the machine

The number of inlets should pay attention to the strength of the machine. If the engine is 3/4 hp, the installation of the inlet is only 3 pieces. Can be added according to the capacity of the machine. If installed 6 pieces then, the bubbles blown by the machine become reduced. This makes your swimming pool seem calm, not alive.

3. Ways to Install Swimming Pool Pipes: Vacuum the pool in the middle of the pool wall

The placement of the pool vacuum should be in the middle of the pool wall. Aiming that at the time of cleaning, the pool officer has no difficulty inserting a vacuum hose.

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4. Install a skimmer box

In the installation of a swimming pool with a skimmer pool type, a skimmer box must be installed. There are some swimming pools that are skimmer type but not fitted skimmer boxes. This situation results in the accumulation of dust dirt in the swimming pool.

The risk that may occur if the pool vacuum is not covered with a skimmer box is that it can shake the child while swimming. As you know the vacuum of the swimming pool is strong enough to attract children’s body parts.

5. Ways to Install Swimming Pool Pipes: Try to install pipes not much winding

At the pipe splicing stage in the engine room, there are 3 pipes connected to the maindrain, swimming pool vacuum and balancing tank (overflow type). Position the filter not far from the vacuum line so that the pipe connection does not turn too much. Too much bending of the joint, causing the vacuum power to decrease. Cleaning also becomes less than optimal.

6. Use AW pipes

Piping (pool installation) will be better at least using aw type Plumbing. In this type of AW, the pipe is thicker than type D. So the instlalation is stronger than using type D pipe.

In terms of durability, AW type pipes will last longer than type D. Piping of swimming pool installations is often underestimated by some people who do not want to long-windedly take care of this equivalent thing.

But in reality it will have a bad impact in the future and will be a series of serious problems. If you want to have a swimming pool, you should think for the long term. Anticipate problems that may occur in the future.

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From this discussion I can conclude, the swimming pool is now a necessity in some circles. In fact, not infrequently in famous schools swimming into the curriculum in the school.

If you want to have a swimming pool, then you will look very smart and wise if you want to consult a pool expert first before deciding to build a swimming pool.

That’s a bit of exposure about the use of pipes in swimming pools. Hopefully help your confusion who wants to create a swimming pool and may want to improve the pool channel to make it better.

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