Various Causes of Blocked Drains Outside House

Various Causes of Blocked Drains Outside House

A blocked drain outside house can be caused by a variety of factors. You have to immediately fix a blocked drain because it is possible to cause any problems. For example, floods, bad smell, and many others. If you do not think you can fix such a problem, it will be better if you hire a plumber, such as D and D plumbing. But before you hire one, you should know the causes of blocked drains at your house.


The first common cause of a blocked drain is an accumulation of hair. This usually causes a blocked drain in the bathroom or shower room area. It happens due to the accumulation of dust, hair, soap residue, and soap foam. You can prevent such a blocked drain by regularly cleaning the accumulation of hair. Pull it out from the waterways by using a brush or your hands. Clean up the hair fall as early as possible before the main drain gets blocked.

Or, you can opt for installing a drainwig filter in your drain. So that you can easily clear the accumulation of the hair fall by simply pulling out the drainwig filter.


If you frequently throw away used cooking oil in your kitchen sink, it can cause a blocked sink drain. Soap residue and leftover food can also be the cause of such a problem. Oil and fat will accumulate so that you should clean the drain as regularly as possible. When you throw away cooking oil in your kitchen sink, the oil will stick in pipes and pile up until no water can pass. It will be better if you pour used cooking oil into a container and throw it away in the trash bin.

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If you think this is the cause of a blockage in your drain, you can solve it by pouring hot water into your kitchen sink. Hot water will remove the oil and fat stick in pipes. Then, pour liquid soap with a little hot water. Wait for a few minutes before cleaning the drain with a plunger. After that, pour hot water again. If this way is not effective, you can use chemicals to clean the oil and fat. But, do not do this too often since chemicals can damage your pipes. Instead, you can call a plumber to solve the problem.

Those are a few common causes of a blocked drain outside house.

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