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Types of Ceilings Based – Ceiling is the ceiling or ceiling of the house. This section is also considered a ceiling, palas-palas, panggar, or para-para. Ceilings are found in the room in the form of interior surfaces that cover the floor of the roof structure on top. Its main function is to cover the roof frame.

The ceiling has a variety of designs that in addition to being a boundary are also able to beautify the room. In fact, in historical buildings, the ceiling is not uncommon to be the hallmark of a building. The ceiling has unique decorations such as fresco paintings, mosaic tiles and others. Check out the following article from jyden1.

Types of Ceilings Based on Their Models

Ceiling or ceiling of the house has 2 variations of sorts that are not in sync, namely up ceiling and drop ceiling. Come on, look at this explanation.

Types of Ceilings Based: Up Ceiling

The ceiling up ceiling model is a variation of the shape of the ceiling which is partly raised above the surface. Pins will find this type in a variety of residences with minimalist themes. This type of up ceiling is indeed applied to receive a room that seems more relieved. In addition, the shape can also be formed more interestingly using adding lighting elements both personal and non-personal.

Pins can add LED Strips or planted halogen lamps. Lighting in up ceilings can be hidden on lower surfaces as a result of which light bounces off and is more beautiful.

Drop Ceiling

The variation of the drop ceiling is that the hanging ceiling serves to beautify the room. Other functions become a barrier or partition between one space and another space. In addition, the drop ceiling model can also accent the lighting thing using indirect lighting. This will result in light that arises according to the drop ceiling. Drop ceiling has a compound shape like a box, swerving, until the collision.

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Types of Ceilings Based: The Function of the Ceiling in a Room

In a dwelling, the ceiling as one of the relatively important elements. There are several functions of the ceiling in a room, the following are:

  • It becomes a barrier between the roof space and the activity space below.
  • Holding dirt according to the roof field through the cracks of the tile.
  • Reduce heat from sunlight through the roof field.
  • Make the room neater so that the residue of construction and epilogue of the roof, cables, mechanical pipes, to electricity is not visible.

In addition to the general functions above, some types of ceilings also have special functions. For example, in impermeable rooms and auditoriums generally use acoustic ceilings. Its function, the acoustic ceiling can muffle the sound aporisma.

Ceiling Ideas at Home

Currently there is a choice of a variety of ceilings or ceilings that can pins to apply in your home. Starting from simple to unique. If Pins is looking for a ceiling for occupancy, here are some of the inspirations.

Types of Ceilings Based: Indirect Lighting Ceiling

This one model is very popularly used in minimalist-themed dwellings. In addition to residences, ceilings using planting lights have been widely used in offices. Planting lights placed on the ceiling will make the ceiling look more current. In addition, generally this planting lamp is made more according to one, as a result the light in the room will be clearer.

Wood Ceiling

If generally the wooden arrangement is used as a partition or door in modern minimalist houses, it turns out that the wooden arrangement can also be used as a ceiling you know! Wooden ceilings will make the look of Pins residence becomes a modern minimalist and glamorous. The color of the wood on the ceiling will also create the appearance of the residence as warmer. Pins are able to use real wood or PVC ceilings to make wooden accents in the ceiling of the residence.

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Industrial Ceiling

If the Pins house adapts industrial style, this type of ceiling can be used. Industrial-style ceiling is a ceiling given elements of concrete, iron or wood combined using a white, black or gray hue in the wall. Industrial touch in the ceiling will certainly create the appearance of the residence becomes more and more recent. Do not forget to add a chandelier that is also industrial style will also add aesthetic value to the house.

Asymmetrical Ceiling

Asymmetrical lines on the ceiling will make the appearance of the ceiling more artistic so as to add beauty value to the Ceiling house.  This one ceiling model can be obtained at an affordable price because it can be made by yourself using wall paint. Pins can use paint with a metallic hue such as gold, silver or solid colors such as black to create a line on the ceiling.

Types of Ceilings Based: Glass Roof Ceiling

Glass ceilings are not infrequently used in exclusive rooms in residences such as dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, to rooms.

This glass ceiling will put access to sunlight into the room more. So, the room becomes more economically electric because the lighting has been fulfilled personally. In addition, with this glass ceiling, the appearance of the residence will also become more modern.

Such is the article about Types of Ceilings Based. Hopefully with this article can be your refence to buy and choose the ceiling correctly according to your needs.

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