Steps to Replace Kitchen Sink Drain

Steps to Replace Kitchen Sink Drain

Drip is one of the signs that you have to replace kitchen sink drain. It is because there is a leak on the kitchen drain lines. Replacing the kitchen sink drain is a little bit complicated to do.

You may ask help from a professional plumbing company, such as h and h plumbing company to handle this problem. Before that, check how complicated replacing the kitchen sink drain is below.

Disconnect the Drain Pipe 

Start to disconnect the drain pipe by turning the PVC nut counterclockwise. Make sure that the drain doesn’t spin during this process. Hold it by pinching the strainer grate with one hand and use the other to lose the nut.

Remove the Sink Strainer 

Next, you have to remove the screws in the locknut if you use this type of strainer. This drain system often has around 3 up to 4 screws. Wiggle the sink strainer if it doesn’t want to fall once your remove the screws and nuts.

Do it gently because your action can damage the sink if it is too hard. It is the reason why some people decide to call a plumber to replace kitchen sink drain.

Install a New Sink Drain or Strainer 

Roll out a plumber’s putty ring. Wait for a few minutes to make this material more pliable. Make sure that it is thick enough before applying it. Apply the putty ring on the topside of the sink. Use your thumbs to push the ring down to cover the rim.

Put a new sink drain and press it gently down into the putty ring. Clean the excess putty if you see it with a damp rag or a putty knife. Place the washers and gaskets back on the sink drain system. Tighten the locknut back into the place and put the screws.

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Test the Sink Drain 

Make sure that all the parts are back to the place first. Then, test the sink drain system. Check the leaks and verify that it is gone now. You only have to let the water pass through the sink and go to the dry area. You solve the problem if it stays dry.

Indeed, only people who have skill and experience can replace kitchen sink drain smoothly. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it because a professional plumbing company is ready to help you. Soon, the kitchen sink works normally as before. You are successfully preventing a kitchen disaster by taking the right decision.

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