Sewer Cleaning Near Me – How to Prevent Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewer Cleaning Near Me – How to Prevent Clogged Sewer Lines

Hiring a professional from the sewer cleaning near me is such a smart move when plumbing problems hit you. However, it can be much more serious than a clogged sink. Most of the time, there is a lot to do with the sewer system which needs serious backup from professionals.

You can avoid the problem to happen, fortunately. J and J Plumbing is always ready and happy to serve. Otherwise, there are several simple steps you can do to take good care of your sewer system.

Clean up the bushes

Cleaning up bushes, trees, and other plants that surround the sewer line seems like trivia. However, it can help to eliminate the possibility of clogged sewer lines. The proximity of those plants makes any maintenance action gets more difficult. Other than that, the roots may grow into the pipe; it is not a good sign without proper inspections.

Enzyme cleaners

Before calling the sewer cleaning near me, you better give regular care for your sewer lines. Using enzyme cleaners is great to smooth the process in the drainage. Doing the ritual once a month is enough to keep clogged sewer lines at bay.

Enzyme cleaners, on the other hand, are better and safer for your pipes than chemical-based solutions. Thus, be sure to check the cleaner before using it for the pipes.

Replace old clay pipes

Pipes easily corrode over several years. If you live in an older building with lead or clay pipes, you better replace them as soon as possible. Old clay pipes tend to get clogged much easier. Instead of waiting for a serious clog to occur to your lead pipes, taking prevention action is better.

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Know what to flush

Most of the time, people flush hygiene products down the toilet. Those items won’t dissolve in the water, and you may need to deal with clogged sewer lines by doing that. Keep in mind that the toilet is only for human waste; any other item would destroy your pipes.

Regular rooter cleaning

Another thing you can do to prevent clogged sewer lines is by performing rooter cleaning maintenance once a year. It helps to clear off debris inside the pipe and the entire system. Older pipes mean that you should do the routine more often.

You might need the help of professionals to do a proper rooter cleaning. Thus, feel free to use the service from the sewer cleaning near me.

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