Repair Main Sewer Line Clog Service and Its Cost

A main sewer line clog is a serious problem. Imagine if the wastewater in the sinks or toilet drains into the tub and not leaving the house. You may call a plumbing company such as h and h plumbing for a faster and easier solution. Learn what the things the plumber will do to solve the problem below.

Things To Do by the Plumber 

Repairing a clogged main sewer line is complex. The plumber has to lose the cap on the drain pipe first. They will open the cap to drain out the excess water on the sewer line. The next thing to do is putting the auger cable into the drainpipe. The cable must hit the clog.

The plumber will move the cable until the clog is clear. The function of this process is to reduce the water in the drain pipe. They have to make sure that the clog is clear and the sewer line works normally as before. Sometimes, they have to spray the hose down to the drainpipe to clean the clog. Once the clog is clear, the plumber will pull the cable out from the drain pipe and cover up it back.

The Service Cost 

So, how much money do you have to spend to ask for help from a plumbing company? The cost to repair the main sewer line clog is around $550. The price is often including snaking the clog and spraying the line with a hydro-jet device.

The cost may be cheaper if the plumber only has to snake the clog from the main sewer line. This simple service is only $150. The cost can be even higher up to $1200 if the plumber has to use a camera to find out the clog and use a hydro-jet.

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The cost also depends on the location and access of the clog. The longer the plumber works, the costlier the price. The average cost is about $45 to $65 per hour.

The damage level of the main sewer is also a factor that determines the cost of the repair project. The worsen the problem, the more expensive it is to resolve. You also have to check the methods to solve the problem. It is because the method also determines the cost of the service.

So, it is better to check and maintain the main sewer line regularly. The earlier you know the problem, the better. The maintenance cost is cheaper than the repair cost. One thing for sure, you must find an expert plumbing service to solve the main sewer line clog problem maximally.

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