How to Open a Clogged Kitchen Sink Block. Here are 4 ways!

Kitchen Sink Block – Every day we use pipes in the kitchen even if we try not to dispose of waste and objects that can clog the sink, we will always produce congestion sooner or later.

At the time of opening the home sink, we can try several methods without having to call a professional who will cost us a lot for something we can do on our own. Therefore, we review how to open a clogged kitchen sink block. Check out the following article from jyden1.

How to Open a Clogged Kitchen Sink Block

Unless the blockage is a big problem in the pipe, if it is common due to the buildup of waste in the pipe, we can overcome the problem easily. And here we share the tips.

• Kitchen Sink Block: Natural remedies to remove blockages

There are many people who use natural remedies to unblock when the problem is mild. We noticed that the water dropped a little slower, so before it went down more, we decided to use one of these natural remedies.

One way to overcome this is to take a large handful of sea salt and throw it into the drain Let the salt go down for a few minutes and then pour boiling water as if there are a few cups on top of this salt. This will cause the fat and dirt that accumulates to flow down and clean the pipe.

Another way to do this is with vinegar and baking soda. First pour bicarbonate of soda, wait a few minutes and pour boiling water over it. The second time, pour bicarbonate of soda and a few glasses of vinegar, covering the drain. It will react and bubble up. If you realize this has happened, pour boiling water back inside to drag and clean.

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• Use a booster cleaner

In stores they also sell booster products that are like natural remedies. In a mild blockage they make a kind of foam and then drag all that dirt so that the pipe does not continue to get clogged.

Keep in mind that in larger traffic jams, this may not be enough and even cause more congestion. That is why we have to assess which methods might be better in each case.

• Kitchen Sink Block: Use the guide to open the blockage

In hardware stores, you’ll find guides of different lengths that will help you open blockages in these places when the congestion is big.

This guide is for when there are things that block water from passing and what they basically do is a drag to the widest pipe place so as not to clog the narrowest part. This guide is quite long because it is one that is commonly used for bathroom pipes but can sometimes be useful for kitchen pipes.

• Disassemble pipes

If all this doesn’t work and we dare to do it, we can always dismantle the pipe. At the bottom of the sink we will see some pipes that make bends and they have some kind of ring.

It must be loosened to be able to disassemble the pipe, although if we do not have many ideas, it is better to leave the arrangement in the hands of an expert who can safely disassemble the pipe and reassemble it effectively.

The case is for blockage which is really a problem, because there is something coming in that cannot be dragged or thrown away with the previous solution and you have to look into the pipe to remove what is clogging it.

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This is a rarely used method because it is difficult to pass something so wide that it does not let water pass, but if all else fails this may be the possibility we have left. In addition, we must remember that for this we must have more materials and tools.

Well, those are some tips on how to open a clogged kitchen sink block. Hopefully this information can help those of you who may be confused, so there is no need to bother calling a handyman and paying a fee.

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