How to Clean the Ceiling of the House, Guaranteed to Be Clean!

How to Clean the Ceiling – Dust becomes one of the things that are quite disturbing in the house. These tiny particles can be found in almost all furniture and every corner of the house. So, how to remove dust at home effectively?

In addition to not making it comfortable, dust can also interfere with health problems, especially breathing. Therefore, it is important to clean the dust in the house periodically in the right way, let alone clean the ceiling of the house. Check out the following article from jyden1.

How to Clean the Ceiling of the House


The easiest way to clean dust from the walls of the house, especially on the ceiling, is to use the help of a vacuum cleaner with enough joints. In this way, the wall will be clean of dust without soiling the floor below.

How to Clean the Ceiling: Flat board

To clean the dust from a flat board, it is enough to use a cloth that has been sprayed with a small cleaning solution. Wipe the board evenly and be sure to rub more extra on the area with the dust attached.


The dust inside the shelf becomes one that is difficult to clean due to the presence of small corners and complicated carvings. To make things easier, use some kind of makeup brush or microfiber-based fabric.

How to Clean the Ceiling: Electronic devices

Computers, TVs, DVD players become some electronic objects that are very easy to fill with dust. The most appropriate way to clean it is with a microfiber cloth and a long-handled soft brush that can reach small gaps. Before cleaning, make sure you have unplugged the electronic equipment from the electric current.

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Soft toys

Beanbags, teddy bears or rag dolls are also places where dust usually nests in the house. To clean them, use a cup of baking soda and put them in a large plastic bag. After making sure it is well bonded, shake it outdoors and then it will be seen soda pulling dust from the item. After that, take out the dolls one by one, flick the lumps of baking soda, and clean the rest with a brush.

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How to Clean the Ceiling: Ceiling fan

The first step to cleaning the dust from the ceiling fan is to place a newspaper or washcloth directly below it. After that, turn off the power source and go up to the bench then wipe the dust on the fan with wet wipes.

To wipe the oily dust on the fan cap, use a soft bristle brush that has been moistened with cleaning fluid. Cleaning the house is a term used for the work of cleaning the house as a whole. But in reality, not all parts of the house are cleaned. Like a ceiling or ceiling, for example.

In fact, to clean the ceiling you do not need to use special tools such as stairs or something. There only needs some standard cleaning tools commonly used to clean floors, walls, glass, or other parts of the house that are easy to clean. The tools in question include:


Brooms in this case are ordinary brooms that are commonly used to clean the floor. To be used to clean the ceiling, increase the length of the broom handle. It can be by connecting it with another handle. Especially today, many brooms are sold that can be removed and replaced by handles to fit their needs.

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How to Clean the Ceiling: Vacuum cleaner

Not all dirt can in fact be cleaned using a high handle broom. Like a cobweb, for example. If this is the case, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove it.


If you don’t have a long gangang broom, you can actually innovate using cleaning tools at home. One of them is by using a duster. This tool can be connected with an unused used broom handle. Those are some of the stages of cleaning the house and especially cleaning the ceiling of the house. I hope this information can help you. And good luck at home.

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