How to Check the Fan Works or Not 2022 very easily!

How to Check the Fan Works or Not – When cleaning the house, you may focus on what is visible and affordable, for example, floors, tables, windows, and so on. Nevertheless, the thing that is above you, in this case, is a hanging fan, which also needs to be cleaned.

although it seems to be able to clean itself, hanging fans or ceiling fans also need to be cleaned. Because, over time and use, the blades of the hanging fan will hold dust. Checking whether the fan is working or not is indispensable. Check out the following article from jyden1 to find out How to Check the Fan Works or Not.

How to Check the Fan Works or Not

Like other household appliances, hanging fans hold not only dust but also other impurities. If it accumulates, it can make the fan noisy when turned on and cause damage to the motor. In other words, taking the time to clean the hanging fan could mean it will make it last longer. This certainly saves you the cost of having to replace it faster.

In addition, dirty hanging fan blades do not move the air around the room as efficiently as clean ones, so it will take more energy to get the same result. In addition to air conditioning, fans can also be a solution to expel hot air in the room. But what happens if the air conditions are hot but the fan in your house does not rotate, of course it sucks, right?

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But you don’t worry, this review will tell you whether the fan is working properly or not. A non-rotating fan is usually caused by a dirty fan state and lack of maintenance, which results in the dynamo inside slowly breaking down. To repair it you need to understand in advance that the dynamo consists of 3 parts, namely bearings, capacitors and motors. and you should check the parts one by one as the steps below. Here’s the explanation:

1. How to Check the Fan Works or Not: Check the bearings or bushings of the fan

To look into the bearing and check its condition you need to open the fan frame first. And to check the state of the bearing you can shake it a little and if it feels loose then it can be said that the fan bearing has worn out and you need to replace it with a new one.

2. Check the fan drive motor

If you do not find any indication of worn bearings then you need to check into the dynamo section. And to find out the state of the dynamo you need an AVO meter, its function is to check whether the electric current is electrified or not.

3. Check the fan capacitor part

The main function of the capacitor is to store electrical charge. When the capacitor is given a voltage, there is a charge (charging) in it. In certain uses, there is the release of electrical charge (discharging) stored in the capacitor. Similar to a dynamo to check the state of the capacitor you also need an AVO meter if there is an indication of damage then you must immediately replace it.

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4. How to Check the Fan Works or Not: Clean all parts of the fan

In addition to technical issues as discussed above the problem that may be the cause of the fan not turning is a matter of negligence. Because a dirty and dusty fan can cause the dynamo rotation to be hampered, it is important that you clean all parts of the fan.

How to Check the Fan Works or Not: A selection of various types of fans is sold if they cannot be repaired

But if all of the above you have checked and you have found absolutely no indication of damage, it may be time for you to replace a new fan. Well, how? Hopefully, the above review can help those of you who are confused with a fan that may not work properly. Don’t forget to try the tips…

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