3 Garbage Disposal Systems You Need to Know For Sure Now!

Garbage Disposal Systems – Sanitary landfill is a term related to waste management systems. This method is done by disposing of or piling up garbage in a sunken location, then aggravating it, and then hoarding it with soil.

This landfill sanitary system has various advantages for the environment, so the implementation of this Garbage Disposal Systems is widely carried out in various regions in Indonesia. The Final Processing Place (TPA) that uses this system certainly does a variety of careful preparations. Let’s see more about Garbage Disposal Systems from jyden1 below.

Garbage Disposal Systems You Need to Know

Sanitary landfill is a Garbage Disposal Systems that must be built with careful planning. There are various protections that need to be done in this method so that it becomes environmentally friendly.

Sanitary landfill is a waste management or culling system by disposing of and piling garbage in a sunken location, compacting it, and then hoarding it with soil. The Final Processing Site (TPA) operated with a landfill sanitary system will minimize the impact of pollution, both water, soil, and air, so that it is more environmentally friendly. This is certainly a good solution compared to the open dumping system.

Simply put, a sanitary landfill is a place where garbage is isolated from the environment until it is safe. Safe means here is, until the garbage has been completely degraded bilogically, chemically, and physically.

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Sanitary landfill is a waste management system that is usually a location used far from settlements. It is intended to avoid various social problems due to the pungent smell resulting from the decay of garbage. Sanitary landfill is a system that is also carried out so that the seeds of disease in the garbage do not reach residential areas.

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Waste management methods with sanitary landfills are the most common methods used in many countries, including Indonesia. Many Final Processing Site (TPA) locations in the country use this method.

An area that becomes a landfill that uses a landfill sanitary system, must have several elements, one of which is the Lining system, or the bottom part that comes into contact with the ground.

This part is usually made of a mixture of soil and bentonite so that the liquid from the decay of waste will not seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater. Then, there is also a leachate collection system or lindi, which is a liquid that comes out of waste decay and is contaminated by various chemicals or bacteria.

Construction of the Sanitary Landfill System

Quoted from the Ministry of PUPR, the landfill sanitary system is a system built by coating landfills using 3 layers of environmental protection.

  1. First, above the original soil that has been compacted is installed the lowest impermeable layer in the form of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), a geosytetic material 1 cm thick that will withstand the leakage of lindi water so as not to pollute the soil. The second and third layers are a 2 mm thick geomembrane layer in the form of an impermeable layer and a geotextile 1.2 cm thick in the form of a coarse fibrous synthetic carpet specially imported from Germany.
  2. Furthermore, this synthetic carpet is coated with coral stone with a diameter of 2 cm, flatly stacked as high as 50 cm as a filter material for lindi water. Then the garbage is piled up, flattened, and buried in the ground at every height of the soil 1-2 meters so as not to be infested by flies and also prevent the occurrence of fires from methane gas produced by garbage.
  3. Finally, lindi water is accommodated and channeled to the IPL (Lindi Treatment Plant) holding pool with a gradual purification system and equipped with a control tub. The output of the construction of this landfill is to prioritize the concept of environmentally friendly by reducing unpleasant aromas.
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That’s a little bit about the explanation of the garbage disposal system that most people still don’t know. Hopefully this information will benefit and increase knowledge, especially in cleanliness.

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