Do you Know Garbage Disposal Portable? Here are 5 Uses You Should Know!

Garbage Disposal Portable – The Ministry of Environment noted that the average Indonesian population produces about 2.5 liters of waste per day or 625 million liters of the total population. However, the quantity of garbage bins in public places and homes has not been balanced between the volume of waste and the amount of waste generated from human activities so that people can dispose of garbage in any place.

In general, the trash can has a size, properties, and materials that vary. Large and rigid volumes cause the trash can to be difficult to move and carry or in other words impractical. Trash cans are often found made of plastic. However, plastic bags coat it so that it is not efficient and not environmentally friendly. Are you curious about Garbage Disposal Portable? Let’s check out the following article from jyden1.

What is a Garbage Disposal Portable

Therefore, it is necessary to create tools that have the potential to prevent people from throwing garbage anywhere, make it easier for people to dispose of garbage in their place practically anywhere, and reduce the use of plastic bags, and utilize space to a minimum. Portable bins have the potential as a solution to the waste problem for a clean Indonesia.

Planning techniques Garbage Disposal Portable

  • Portable trash cans with a minimalist size and shaped like a carry-on bag make this trash can flexible and efficient
  • Portable bins after opening the main zipper
  • Maximum size portable bins
  • Prepare tools and materials
  • Determine the size of the bin you want to make, at this project design is 40cm high with a diameter of 20cm
  • Make two bin lids by cutting recycled paper with a diameter of 20cm
  • Cut parachute material with a size of 62.8cmx40cm
  • Sewing zippers on both portable bin lids with a length of 62.8cm
  • Sewing zippers on 47.1cm long parachute material as a place to enter garbage
  • Sewing portable bins
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Testing techniques Garbage Disposal Portable

The test conducted on this science project is a test of the durability of portable bins against the weight of waste. To find out the durability of this portable trash can, testing is carried out with the following stages:

  • Calculate the thickness of recycled paper and the type of parachute.
  • Make a portable trash can from a material.
  • Provide periodic loads of 0.1kg,0,2kg, and the same multiples up to maximum load.
  • See the changes and durability of portable bin materials.
  • Determine the maximum limit of waste weight that can be accommodated by portable bins.

In addition to portable trash cans there are several types of trash cans that you can find in the city. Here are the types of trash can you can find in several colors:

Green color

Green color becomes a container for you to dispose of organic waste. You can throw leftovers, tree branches and leaves into this type of trash can. Organic waste can later be reprocessed into compost.

Yellow color

Throw your inorganic waste in a yellow trash can. Use yellow bins to dispose of your inorganic waste such as plastics, cans, styrofoam and others.


The red color indicates a trash can for B3 (Hazardous and Toxic Materials) garbage. You can dispose of glass or broken glass, chemicals, electronic components and various other hazardous materials in a red container. The types of trash can be found above you can generally find in the corner of the capital, but in addition to the three colors above, there are still other colors as well.

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A blue trash can indicates a special paper trash can. Its function is to make it easier to recycle paper and make it into another craft.

Gray color

Finally, a meaningful gray color for residual litter. This type of trash can you can fill with garbage other than the types of garbage above.

That’s a little explanation about the trash, especially portable trash cans. And some other trash cans. Remember! Don’t litter. Throw the trash in place. Good habits start from now on. Thus the article from us entitled Garbage Disposal Portable hopefully useful and so grateful.

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