The Latest Garbage Disposal Installation Cost 2022 That You Must Know!

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost – Everyone must be aware that the garbage disposal tank is one of the main components needed in a house. Without the disposal of garbage as a disposal area, the garbage of the residents of the house can certainly be a very big problem. Therefore, it’s good if you start paying attention to the quality of the disposal tank you have.

In making waste disposal should not be done carelessly. If in the manufacturing process there is a problem then automatically the garbage disposal tank will not function properly and will create pollution problems in the future. In addition, the cost of making garbage disposal needs to be prepared. Let’s see more about Garbage Disposal Installation Cost that you can read in the following jyden1 article.

Do you know the Garbage Disposal Installation Cost?

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost: Understanding and Function of Waste Disposal

Many call this disposal tank by the name of a deserted. In general, a deserted tank is a tank buried underground that serves as a human garbage shelter.

Sepiteng must be planted in the ground so that the garbage does not mix with other garbage. In addition, the usual desert buried underground usually consists of two parts of the tank. The first tank is the main tank while the second tank is the exhaust tank.

The first tank in the garbage disposal is the first area that will be entered by the garbage. After that, there will be a kind of hole connecting the first tank with the second tank.

This hole serves so that dirty water can enter the second tank and be directly discharged into the ground. However, the position of the hole is usually slightly deep so that solid waste will not be carried into the second tank and thrown into the ground.

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When planning a house building, garbage disposal must be planned correctly and the size must be adjusted to the number of residents of the house, the more the number of residents of the house then the size of the garbage disposal must be larger, or make more than 1 garbage disposal unit.

Waste disposal consists of 2 parts, namely the reservoir and water catchment. The tub must be made to be waterproof which is useful for accommodating coarse garbage from the toilet / toilet.  The coarse garbage will be collected and mixed with water siramanyang then will be eaten by rotting bacteria.

When the toilet is watered, the overflow of the surface water of the puddle will flow through the PVC pipe line into the suction chamber made with a layer of stone, crypt and ijuk. Water from the reservoir will be filtered by the layer and will seep into the soil without carrying coarse garbage.

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost: The cost of creating a waste disposal

Estimated cost to make 1 Waste Disposal Unit, Size : 2×1.50×1.50 m + Seepage (Th 2014)

  • 50 M3 Soil excavation x Rp. 26. 00 = Rp. 117,000
  • 21 M3 Pasir urug x Rp. 717,000 = Rp. 1,613,250
  • 25 M3 Working floor x Rp. 717,000 = Rp.1,613,250
  • 00 M2 Red brick pair (adk 1pc : 3ps) x Rp. 220,000 = Rp. 3,300,000
  • 30 M3 K-225 concrete plate x Rp. 6,438,000 = Rp.1,931,400
  • 00 M2 Stucco (adk 1pc : 3ps) x Rp. 41,000 =Rp. 615,000
  • 40 M PVC Pipe 4″ aw x Rp. 256,000 = Rp. 1,382,400
  • 00 M GIP Pipe 1 1/2″ x Rp. 46,000 = Rp. 230,000
  • 00 M3 Soil excavation for seepage x Rp. 20,000.00 = Rp.80.000
  • 00 Kg Ijuk pair x Rp.25,000 = Rp. 150,000
  • 00 M3 Urugan gravel 3/5 x Rp. 205,000 = Rp. 205,000
  • 00 M PVC pipe 4″ perforated aw x Rp. 37,000 = Rp. 333.000
  • 50 M3 Urugan and ground leveling x Rp. 35,000 = Rp. 52,500
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Amount = Rp. 10,047,000

So that’s a little explanation about waste disposal along with the estimated cost needed. Hopefully this information can help, especially for those of you who are planning to make garbage disposal and how much Garbage Disposal Installation Cost.

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