6 Ways to Fix Home Heater! Guaranteed to Work!

Fix Home Heater – Greetings to all friends. Welcome to meet us again. This time we will tell you how to fix the burning heating element at no additional cost.

A second heating element burned for a year in a domestic water heater suggested that it was looking for frequent causes of damage. After draining the water and disassembling the electrical circuit, open the nut from the pressure flange. Damage to the heating of the house made us a hassle. So, how to Fix Home Heater of the house we really need. Check out the following article from jyden1.

How to Fix Home Heater

With great difficulty we pulled the heating element block attached to the surroundings with garbage. After cleaning the copper tube from the heating coil, the foot finds an elongated crack in the low-power heating element.

Fix Home Heater: We checked the main one – it worked.

It was the same a year ago: lots of rubbish, torn copper tubes and a trip to the store for a new one. The main cause is hard water from the well.

Last year’s calcium salt softener installation did not help. The presence of magnesium electrodes also does not improve the life of the service. The second reason is the low-quality spirals of electric heaters.

After interviewing neighbors and friends it turned out that the manufacturer’s replacement of the most common heating elements in our water heater seemed specially made for a quick failure, because if the plant works 3 years, then after replacing – only 6-8 months.

We assume that the arrangement of two spirals that are too close, two thermal sensors and a magnesium electrode accelerates overheating and failure. The third and main reason is that domestic reality is not taken into account in the design of water heaters.

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When viewed from the 30-liter inner tank, we found that it consists of two cylindrical tanks for 15 L of welded connected 20-mm tubes. From the first tank through the ten mounting hole we managed to wash the scale blob.

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Fix Home Heater: And in the second half, everything remained so.

The legs should pour four packs of citric acid and, while stirring, wait for the complete dissolution of the accumulation of stalactites. To give 1 200 rubles for a new standard heating element in conditions of economic crisis and falling wages, the hand does not go up.

Therefore, there is a free way to restore – the legs simply cut the burning spiral tube and sink the opening with bronze bolts with rubber pads. As a result, the water heater is already working.

For a 30-liter titanium electric accumulator 1.5 kW is enough. That is how the goal of improvement is achieved with positive economic effects. And for ourselves, we wrote a plan for preventive acid rinsing, hanging out hot water mode with night breaks and … put a piggy bank into the clean water supply of the city network.

And here’s how to fix the heating that you can try if you’re having problems:

  1. Disassemble the heating element. The reason for the failure was visible to the naked eye: a thick layer of scale caused the element to overheat.
  2. After cleaning, it becomes clear that the small heating element burns, and the stronger one is not damaged.
  3. It is necessary to cut the burning element and dampen the remaining holes after that with bronze bolts.
  4. Now there is more free space between the heating element and the thermal sensor – and the scale will not accumulate between them.
  5. Bronze bolts with rubber gaskets are installed as punctures in place of the heating element.
  6. Finally, the heater is ready to work again. For a 30-liter tank, its 1.5 kW power is enough.
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That’s a little exposure on how to Fix Home Heater of a house that is in trouble. We hope, this article really helped you who are confused to fix it. Good luck.


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