How to Fix Clogged Kitchen Sink! Check out the 5 Instant way

Clogged Kitchen SinkClogged sinks are often a problem in every home. Fortunately, there are a variety of practical and easy ways to cope with clogged sinks. These methods can utilize both kitchen and chemical ingredients.

Before that, you must know first what causes clogged waterways in the wash sink. Generally, this condition occurs due to food debris and hair that is not scalded until the end of the sewer. Check out the following article from jyden1.

How to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink

For that, you have to solve the cause first. It’s just that the sink drain tends to be small so it is difficult to reach by hand. Therefore, you can try the ways below so that the sink returns smoothly.

How to Overcome a Clogged Sink

Clean the Trash in the Sink

How to overcome a clogged sink the first time is to lift the existing garbage. This is aimed at relaunching the flow of water. If the sewer is very small, you can clean the garbage in the mouth of the channel.

Clogged Kitchen Sink: Flush Hot Water

After the garbage in the mouth of the sewer has been cleaned, you can continue it by flushing hot water into the sink. Not just hot water, you have to use boiling water and flush directly into the drain.

Hot water can shed fatty and oily impurities. However, this method cannot be used for all types of sinks, especially for plastic materials. When it is still clogged, flush the sink several times.

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Use Plunger

Pins can wear plungers as one way to overcome clogged sinks. This mandatory housekeeping tool is quite easy to use. You just have to put the header into the sewer. After that, press and pull the plunger rod towards the bottom top quickly. After 10-12 times, pull the plunger firmly. That way, the sewer can smoothly return to work.

The use of plungers is often used to overcome clogged TOILETS. Usually before pressing and pulling the header around the rubber plunger is given water. This method is effective to encourage clogging dirt. After pulling the plunger, the water around the rubber plunger will flow directly into the drain.

Clogged Kitchen Sink: Wear With Auger Cable

When at home there is no plunger, this can be replaced with an auger cable. How to overcome a clogged sink with auger cable is not much different from a plunger. The step to use it is to open the door of the plumbing cabinet of the plumbing. Remove the trap pipe, which is a curved pipe that connects the horizontal and vertical pipes.

Try to find a blockage in the trap pipe. Insert the auger cable then push it until the cable goes inside. Pull the cable 46 cm long and then rotate the cable clockwise. If the cable hits something then pull and rotate in the opposite direction. The goal is to provoke interested blockages. When you have successfully removed the blockage, return the pipe to its original position.

Clogged Kitchen Sink: Pour Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are known to be able to shed crusty dirt. How to fix a clogged sink with soda drink should provide as much as 2 liters. After that, pour it into the clogged sink.

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Let stand until bubbles appear and hissing sounds appear. Leave the marinade of this fizzy drink for 1-2 hours. When you have, rinse by turning on the water tap. Fizzy drinks will shed crusts and other impurities.

So those are some ways to overcome a clogged kitchen sink. This problem looks trivial, but sometimes it is a hassle. And hopefully this information helps you to solve the problem of clogged sinks.

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