3 Easy Methods to Have the Bathroom Sink Drain Clogged Removed

3 Easy Methods to Have the Bathroom Sink Drain Clogged Removed

Having your bathroom sink drain clogged may have become a problem often happening at home. The problem is because of many causes. They can be hair, plastic, and more. When the trash is a little, it may not cause a problem. But if it is accumulated, there will be clog and the water cannot flow smoothly. But you should not worry, there are some methods to try. Those methods are quite easy and anybody can just do it. What are they?

Using a plunger or vacuum

One of the most effective ways to solve the problem is by using a plunger or vacuum.  To do that, you just need to fill the sink with water until it is half full. Next, use the suction in the sink hole immediately. Move the vacuum up and down until the water flows until the dirt flows with it. Repeat the steps until the clog also flows. Although this way is quite easy you need to spend much energy to make this attempt successful. But if you think it is impossible to do that, you can call h and h plumbing service.

Using Soap or Washing Liquid and Hot Water

The next way to deal with a clogged sink is by using dish soap and hot water. It is nature that the dish soap or washing liquid can remove dirt that may accumulate in the water pipe. How to apply it? Pour a little dish soap in the drain area. Then, pour boiling water to remove the blockage in the drain. To prevent the same problem in the future, you can do this method regularly once a week, whether or not the drain of the sink is blocked by the dirt.

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Using Vinegar Liquid

You can also use vinegar as a powerful way to overcome the clogged sink problem. This method is better to apply if after using the vacuum, the sink is still clogged. Start to practice this method by dripping the vinegar solution into the water drain in the sink. Wait it for about 25 minutes.  After that, flush the drain area with hot water. Use the plunger to pull the dirt clogging the drain of the sink. Finally, flush the sink drain pipe with hot water.  You can do this method several times until the sink is completely clean. In addition, if you don’t have vinegar at home, you can use another kitchen remedy to solve this problem with the same method. It is baking soda. There is no longer a bathroom sink drain clogged after that.

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